SSD Deliberative Session 02-07-19

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AGENDA A. Pledge of Allegiance B. Call to Order 1. Roll Call 2. Monthly Presentation on Student Achievement – Woodbury Middle School 3. Appointment Presentations by Members of the Public 4. Adoption of Minutes - January 22, 2019; Regular Meeting 5. Vendor & Payroll Manifests to be signed 6. Consent Agenda a. Resignations b. Nominations – Professional/Extra-Curricular c. Administrator Nominations d. Leaves of Absence 7. Other Business Items a. Acceptance of Severe Storm/Flooding Relief Funds b. 2019-2020 Calendar Proposal c. Dedication Plaque d. Policy IJOA – Field Trips and Excursions C. Presentation of Policies/Reports by Superintendent and Staff 1. Deliberative Session Follow Up 2. Field Project Update 3. Kindergarten Registration Update 4. Strategic Plan Update D. Information and Proposals from Board Members 1. E. Future Meetings 1. Meeting Dates a. February 19, 2019; Regular Meeting/Planning Session b. March 19, 2019 – Regular/Planning Session 2. Future Agenda Items a. Use of Haigh School b. Auditor’s Report c. Set Graduation Date F. Adjournment

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